Why Teenagers Visit Plastic Surgeon In Fort Wayne Area?

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With the increase in plastic surgery all over the world, there has been documented an increase in teen patients that are willingly doing it. Fifteen years ago, more than 200 000 cosmetic procedures were done on clients that are 18 or younger and a fifth of them where surgical which means tummy tucks, liposuctions, breast augmentation, breast lifts and nose reshaping. In some cases, after an accident, they need to undergo the treatment which is a great thing.

More studies will have to be done to see what the risks are but with all the data, the majority of the people have only advantages. We don’t have an example when it comes to “normal” appearance so teenagers look up to what they see on social media. This increases their beauty standards but it would increase even without social media. People are talking more about accepting the way you look nowadays but people still want to improve themselves.

When Is The Right Time?

Even if they are still maturing during adolescence, they won’t experience side effects if they visit a specialist constantly and check if any corrections need to be done. Girls are gaining weight between 18 and 20 which can also affect their desires after they change. The FDA approves breast implants when it comes to 18 or older individuals and it is acceptable to do a breast augmentation for anyone under 18. Doing your research will help you better understand plastic surgery in Fort Wayne IN and anywhere where you can find reputable professionals.

The Procedure

Understanding The Procedure

The main question is if they can make a rational decision at that age and without any knowledge, most of them decide to do it. Even if some treatments are a great choice, they need to have information about the procedure and about everything that comes with it. For example, breast implants last for around 10 years, this means that they will need to do it all over again multiple times.

There isn’t enough information when it comes to long term economic, emotional and physical effects but it is always based on individual needs so it’s better to have a meeting and then make a choice. Most people think that the benefits are much greater than the risk and this is especially noticeable at teenagers. It’s difficult for a doctor to present the disadvantages and advantages when the patient is only focused on benefits so listen to your doctor. To find out more, check this: https://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/beauty/skin-treatments/facelift.htm


Psychological testing is one of the best ways to make sure that teens are mature enough to make this choice. This will also help the specialist because they are sure they can operate. There are interviews where surgeons are trying to find some of the top reasons why teenagers will make such a move and it is usually unrealistic expectations or to make someone else be satisfied by their looks. This can’t be considered as the main reason because even after meeting the specialist and getting well-informed, they still go with it.

Self-Consciousness And Plastic Surgery

One of the greatest advantages that young people have is getting that self-consciousness boost. Many people suffer from depression because of their looks and this is one of the ways they can handle it. There’s no doubt that you will feel better about yourself when you make a change that you like especially to your appearance.

It is questionable when is the perfect timing to do it but either way, they should consider it if they have a certain problem with their confidence. Of course, you should look for the best specialists to work on it if you want the best results. Always consider talking to your doctor first because there might be a better way to do it. Visit this site for more info.


Making the right decision shouldn’t be only on the person that wants the surgery because they aren’t an expert in the field. Not only the surgeon but also a physician can be included when figuring out what is the best choice. This way, the patient will know what are the risks and advantages and can make a rational decision. Technology has advanced a lot in the past ten years and there are much safer and better ways to do plastic surgery.

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