Ways To Effectively Whiten Your Teeth

Ways To Effectively Whiten Your Teeth

We all look at the beautiful white teeth that celebrities sport. We all want that string of pearls that we like so much, but, many times, the treatments are expensive, they are carried out with invasive products that end up damaging the coating of the teeth, it is irreversible and it does not work for all teeth. Yes, we can whiten our discoloured teeth in different ways, even if it is a few degrees. Way to go!

1. Keeping Teeth Stains At Bay

The first thing to take care of is that the teeth do not stain so much that you have to resort to whitening too frequently. The enamel that covers the teeth is porous and that is why what we eat stains it.

Coffee, tobacco, tea and cola drinks will leave you with an unattractive yellow hue. Needless to say, if you don’t brush your teeth frequently. You can stain your teeth even with everyday foods that contain acid! And we talk about foods such as meat, some dairy, citrus or beer. Then what do we do?

Yes, it’s important to brush your teeth, but you’ve barely finished eating, so the enamel hasn’t time to return to its original hardness. Don’t push it too hard, but wait a bit, and then do it, but gently. Make sure you floss.

Instead of so much coffee, cigarettes and wine, consume things like pears, apples, carrots, or spinach, among others. You know why? Its fiber and its nutrients create a protective film on the enamel of the teeth, preventing them from staining.

2. Whitening With The Dentist

They are already stained. So we look for the first whitening solution. Visit your dentist and ask about whitening methods and which one is appropriate for you.

This is an aesthetic treatment, actually, so it falls within the area of ​​Cosmetic Dentistry, as we are told in Odontology-us. The dentist will use chemicals and special lights to whiten the shade of your teeth to varying degrees. If he is a good professional, you should not fear that he will cause abrasion or wear on your nail polish.

The treatment lasts about an hour in the office and, afterwards, you must follow some guidelines that the dentist will tell you, already at home. It lasts between 6 months and 1 year. It works for almost all types of stains, but there are some that cannot be removed.

3. Home Teeth Whitening

They are almost the same products that the dentist uses but not exactly in the same proportion. Although they are much cheaper and you have the advantage of doing it at home.

Be careful how often you do it, you can end up causing wear Veneers and tear on the polish. As a Mouth Healthy quote, through the American dental Association, you can use whitening toothpaste, whitening tapes that you put on your teeth, or gel whiteners.

4. How To Whiten Your Teeth Using Natural Recipes

There are many methods to whiten your teeth with homemade and natural recipes at home; we are going to see some of them:

Orange Peel

Rub your teeth for about a minute with the inner skin of the orange peel, after half an hour, brush them.


Bleaching is a natural process they perform. Combine them with baking soda and mash them up. Brush your teeth for 20 minutes after applying the mixture. Once you’ve rinsed, brush your teeth again after 30 minutes.


Eating apple daily helps to have white teeth.


Put two tablespoons of sage leaves in a cup of boiling water and swish after each meal.


Rub your teeth for two minutes with the inside of a banana peel, which, as it has salicylic acid, will naturally whiten your teeth.

5. Whiten Teeth With Baking Soda

Using it instead of toothpaste is a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to brushing. Wet the toothbrush with water and add 14 tablespoons of baking soda to the cup. After dipping the toothbrush into the baking soda, brush your teeth as you would with toothpaste. Avoid damaging your enamel by doing it too frequently. It is best to brush once or twice a month.

6. Whiten Your Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide

One tablespoon of water should be mixed with two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Rub gently the stained teeth with a cotton ball dipped in water. Make sure you rinse thoroughly afterwards.

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