How To Help A Person With Depression

How To Help A Person With Depression

Depression is an insidious and dangerous disease that affects more and more people. Untreated and disregarded by the environment, it can even end in death – a person suffering from depression may one day take his life. Therefore, depression cannot be underestimated. If someone close to you suffers from it, even if they cannot communicate it clearly, they need your help. Depression steals the will to live and destroys from within. That is why the support of close people is crucial here.

Depression – A Disease Of The 21st Century

Depression is a civilization disease. In the 21st century, many people suffer from it, and one must be aware that these – already alarming statistics – may be underestimated, because not every person with depression is diagnosed with it or even realizes that it is ill. How do you recognize depression?

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It is a difficult task, but if you suspect someone you love is suffering from it, watch them for help. A symptom of depression is, for example, a chronically depressed mood that lasts for several weeks. The depressed person may also slowly but surely lose interest in social activities or activities that have recently absorbed him. Hobbies, physical activity, shared passions – all this goes away. A depressed person can also become chronically tired, to the point where even the simplest activity becomes overwhelming and tiring.

He may also have problems with memory and concentration, as well as with sleep. She may be constantly sleepy or, on the contrary, suffer from insomnia, restless sleep and nightmares. He may also suffer from a headache or abdominal pain. There is also a chance that you will develop appetite problems – either a complete lack of appetite and refusing to eat, or eating excessively and quickly gaining weight.

In extreme cases, depression can lead to thoughts and even suicide attempts, so it cannot be underestimated. Depression is also a disease that can affect any person – regardless of age, gender or social position.

How To Help A People With Depression?

A depressed person may not ask for your help – they may not even know what is happening to them, be deprived of energy or be reluctant to interpersonal relations. However, he needs this help. He needs support and conviction that whatever is happening to her, there is someone who supports her and is by his side. Just thinking that there is someone else, just feeling someone else’s support can do a lot.

The most important thing is to persuade the sick person to see a doctor and psychotherapist. In the treatment of depression, psychotherapy plays a really huge role – it helps to understand the essence of the problem and work through it. It is supported by pharmacotherapy – this type of treatment can help fight symptoms and make it easier for the sick person to function on a daily basis. Sometimes the depression is so advanced that without appropriate pharmacological treatment, the sick person is not able to attend psychotherapy.

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It is important to empower the person who is struggling with depression to believe that they are important, valuable, and mean a lot to others. She must be supported and believe that there are people around her whom she can trust, can rely on and who truly believe in her.

It is also worth persuading a depressed person to take simple activities so that they do not fall into apathy and a sense of hopelessness. However, you can not force – if a walk is too much for someone, then maybe at least you can persuade you to go out to the garden or on a bench in front of the house. Everything should be done in small steps. Without an atmosphere of compulsion, screaming and stress – it certainly will not help a sick person.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others – you can talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Psychoeducation also plays a huge role. It will help you understand depression and how the affected person functions. You will also learn how to help and understand where certain behaviors of a sick person come from.

How Not To Help A Person With Depression?

Depression is still not understood by many people. Hence attempts to “help”, which are not help and can only harm, even very seriously. Depressed people not only have to deal with their disease, but also often have to deal with people who not only do not understand themselves, but do not even know what depression is exactly.

A very bad way to support is to convince you that if a sick person wanted to, they could stop being depressed. It is a disease that does not depend on the desire or lack of it. You might as well ask a person with a broken arm to try not to have a broken arm. This is quite an absurd example and perfectly illustrates how depressed people feel when they hear such advice.

Telling a sick person that he is lazy, demanding and has only frills, because it will not help him too well in life, just like saying that others have worse. This awareness will only further overwhelm the sick person who

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