5 Interesting Facts To Know About Japanese Martial Arts

5 Interesting Facts To Know About Japanese Martial Arts

Japanese martial arts are known all around the world. The Japanese martial arts consist of judo, karate, aikido, sumo, kendo, etc. There are different branches and schools inside the martial arts. About 200 million people around the globe engage themselves in exercising martial arts. Whereas, people love Japanese martial arts because it helps to be physically strong and decreases interest in playing video games or soccer as compared to exercising karate.

Learning techniques of training, martial arts have many advantages that help you to improve problem-solving skills, fitness, and betterment in mental health. Martial arts also helps to manage Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Add Treatment which is carried for ADHD patients, it supports neural networks in the brain, allows individuals to learn self-control.

Martial Arts Are Important In Japan Why?

Martial meaning is fighting. It is considered as a fighting skill rather than a sport. Martial arts help people to protect themselves in any difficulty or case of danger. Hence Japanese martial art is considered to be the most powerful weapon.

Why Karate Is Famous In Japan?

Martial arts are quite respected across the globe for “bushido “having qualities of loyalty, discipline, devotion, and passion towards work and art. Hence it is important to learn the basic techniques and methods of karate because you never know when you can be in danger. It is quite important to take care of yourself and others by knowing karate and martial arts perfectly.

What Is Known As The Toughest Martial Art To Study?

The toughest martial art to practice is striking that is known as the boxing or kickboxing and grappling that is considered as judo or wrestling. It is because if you want to be capable in it, you need to spar and grapple.

Let’s discuss the main 5 interesting facts to know about Japanese martial arts:

Character Development:

Japanese martial arts help individuals to develop their character and have respect for culture and traditions. Martial arts help the development of fighting skills and put interests of the people in knowing the knowledge of values and cultures.

Martial arts are considered to be a great physical workout because of having health benefits and physical or mental fitness. While doing martial arts, the main things that matters are the virtues include loyalty, passion towards the duty, rising early, having manners, maintaining skills, having courage, exercising justice, and having a strong devotion to die with honor and for one’s lord.

Whereas, jujitsu was known as a merciless form of martial arts which consists of arm or wrist locks or throws and chops. Japanese martial arts have their origins in China somewhere kung fu had been developed.

Using An Opponent’s Strength:

Another fact about Japanese martial art is that you have to use the strength of an opponent regardless of depending on your strength or courage. It is indeed that when the opponent player is stronger than you, then your strength will not count anymore. But the one chance that would help you to not lose is to use your opponent’s strength and try to play with their mind.

Different Techniques And Training Methods:

Martial arts have grown into various system where it was trained in different schools and colleges and has different techniques and training methods. The art is the same in every school in japan. Karate has different techniques and it helps to increase the mental status and follow services. But it has a different ranking system by colors, having different belts, and the highest or popular is the Black Belt.

Having Rituals And Practices: 

Another main fact of martial arts is rituals and practices. The dojo is the place where the professional teachers who are black belt holders taught martial arts to the people. The one person has to wear a white and uniform that is named as “Gi” in Japanese that is called “uniform”. Karate is known as the best widespread art which can be educated by anyone regardless of age.

Level And Degree Of Belt:

The colored belt system used to show the degree of each student in martial art. Beginners are identified by wearing white belts. While moving towards another color belt, students need to take tests where their skills will be tested. Then beginners moved from white to the yellow belt after testing their skills by passing from the test. Hence the highest achievable color is the black belt. Whereas, it seems to be disrespectful to wear a belt color when the individual is not qualified to wear it yet.


It is stated that Japanese martial arts help people to maintain their strength and fitness. Martial arts can be learned by anyone; it doesn’t depend on age. People learn martial arts for improving self-control, development of the character, knowledge about techniques, and training to protect themselves in any big difficulty or danger. Japanese martial arts have their unique training method that is quite famous and brilliant across the globe.

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