When It’s Time to Get Your Chlamydia Testing

When It’s Time to Get Your Chlamydia Testing

The only true way of determining if you’re actually chlamydia positive is to go through a Chlamydia testing. Even if you’re only sexually active, having screened for chlamydia can be very important since it can develop into some serious medical conditions like gonorrhea or pelvic inflammatory disease. An untreated infection can also create severe complications in both men and females. Even if you don’t have advanced conditions, it’s still important to be tested since the last thing you want to do is to contract a disease that isn’t very common in your community.

There are many different Chlamydia testing options you can go through. For example, you can either get tested via a urine test, throat fluid test or an eye test. You can also get tested for this disease through a swab test, skin scrape or throat culture. No matter what Chlamydia testing method you undergo, it’s always important to follow all of your doctor’s instructions in order to get the most accurate result possible.

In terms of urine testing, your doctor will take a sample of your urine in order to look for the presence of Chlamydia. This type of Chlamydia testing requires that you visit a specific Chlamydia testing center like https://www.canadahometesting.com/ and then be treated through a process called urine spraying. During this process, your doctor will take a sample of your urine and smear it against the skin of your upper arms in order to get an image of the infection. If you have a positive result, you may need further testing such as an eye test or a Chlamydia culture.

If you’re going to go through an eye exam or throat culture, the chances of an accurate Chlamydia testing are good. However, many people do choose to undergo these tests because of sensitivity with regards to sexually transmitted diseases. This is especially true if a person had been living with a sexual partner who was infected. However, if a person doesn’t have a sexual partner, they may not feel comfortable undergoing a Chlamydia testing due to embarrassment. Chlamydia testing during urination can help someone self-diagnose if they’ve been exposed.

For the women who might get tested for Chlamydia, they may need to get tested for gonorrhea as well. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia have similar symptoms, so it’s important to remember that one is not necessarily associated with the other. Chlamydia symptoms typically include an outbreak of vaginal soreness, itching or burning in the vagina, and occurrence of any new vaginal infections. Chlamydia tests are available at a health care provider’s office for those women who might not be able to go to the lab tests recommended for gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

If a woman has one or more symptoms of Chlamydia while she is sexually active, she should definitely get tested. Not only could her infection possibly be transferred to a sexual partner, but it also carries the possibility of causing complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Even if a person does not have symptoms of Chlamydia, they still should get tested since it is possible to pass the infection to a sexual partner. Getting tested and treated early can save a person’s life!

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