How to Stop Gaining Weight: 7 Proven Tips That Work

How to Stop Gaining Weight: 7 Proven Tips That Work

There is always a reason to pamper yourself with delicious high-calorie food – a long winter evening, cozy home gatherings, or a desire to relieve stress. Eating your favorite food on the weekend is a desire of many. As a result, extra pounds appear, which are then difficult to get rid of. Let’s figure out together how you can avoid this.

1- Remove Harmful Products from Home

Everything is very simple here. If you don’t want to eat junk food, don’t buy it. So you will save yourself from unnecessary temptation, following the principle: out of sight – out of mind. Even if you want something sweet before bed, there is no such food in your refrigerator. If it takes to throw fatty and sugary foods into the trash, do that now. Nothing is more valuable and precious than your health. You need to take care of it.

In order not to accidentally buy something high in calories, do not go to the store on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you will inevitably pick up excess products. Better yet, make a shopping list in advance and don’t let yourself stray from it. It is a great tip for those who pick every unhealthy food from the food store.

2- Don’t Get Distracted While Eating

Eating, accompanied by watching TV, with a smartphone or book in hand, is a path to excessive overeating. The brain in such situations focuses more on receiving information and not on satisfying hunger.

Distracted by world news, reading, or watching a movie, you will automatically reach for the next piece. In the course of an engaging conversation, you will also not notice the feeling of fullness and continue to eat. At the same time, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy food, feel the taste.

You need to take food consciously, enjoying yourself, and not being distracted. Otherwise, you can eat much more than you need. The result is predictable – overeating and being overweight. It is not compulsory to watch your favorite shows with popcorns and soda. You can watch them after you are done eating your meal.

3- Eliminate Coffee and Alcohol from The Diet

Combining these products and losing weight is unlikely to work. Alcohol and coffee increase appetite. Alcohol exacerbates cravings for fatty and salty foods, slows down metabolism, and significantly reduces self-control. Therefore, even a small portion of a strong drink threatens to break down and overeat.

These products have another unpleasant side effect – they provoke the formation of cellulite, retaining excess fluid in the body. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this bad habit so you can lose the extra pounds, find help.

You can do this by looking for rehab covered by insurance. In this way, you will not have to worry about the charges of good treatment, and your focus will stay only on your health. For those who can’t imagine spending their day without coffee, they will have to choose another healthy alternative. Otherwise, their efforts for losing weight will go in vain.

4- Have A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is a must. A full breakfast during the first hour of waking will make the coming day productive, start metabolism, normalize blood sugar levels, and energize the brain and body. In the morning, you can afford to deviate from even the most strict diet plans, indulge in pastries or chocolate. After all, there is a whole day ahead, and the body will have time to process calories from the sweets eaten.

Nutritionists assure that sweet for breakfast helps to cheer up and significantly reduces the risk of eating sweets or chips during the day. Yes, this happens because the hormones of happiness get activated when a person eats sweets. But remember, too many sweets in the breakfast can be unhealthy too.

5- Observe The Daily Routine

Regular nutrition and daily routine are the keys to normal digestion, stable weight, and, accordingly, health. The intervals between meals should not exceed 5 hours. By eating at the same time, you help the body work more efficiently and process food more efficiently.

For an adult, four meals a day are optimal. For people with gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders, this number increases up to 5-6 times during the day. Rare meals (1-2 times a day) lead to the deposition of fat and an increase in blood cholesterol levels and are also fraught with disorders in the thyroid gland.

Tormenting yourself with hunger is a common mistake among those seeking to lose weight quickly. A hungry person is prone to overeating, and irregular meals can lead to excess weight. When you follow the daily routine, the chances of staying hungry for a longer period get reduced. As a result, you are able to maintain a healthy figure.

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6- Workout

The energy and time spent in the gym will not allow you just to pick up and eat after class. It would be a shame to nullify your training results. This is a great psychological self-motivation technique. Not to mention the fact that sports are an indispensable prerequisite for a successful fight against excess weight.

If you do not like going to the gym or extensive fitness exercises, you can simply go for sports you like the most. For example, if you like water sports’, swimming with friends is a great idea. It is not only a full-body workout; it will improve your stamina and help you lose weight drastically.


To stay fit in the same jeans forever is the dream of many. However, our bad habits spoil not only our looks and health but also our dreams. But by following the tips mentioned in this article, you can say good-bye to extra pounds on your body in no time. You can share these tips with your friends and family too!

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