Top 5 Superfoods That Contain Fibre

Top 5 Superfoods That Contain Fibre

Superfoods are fruits and vegetables that are believed to be rich in nutrient density. This term is usually given to a particular set of food times that have managed to impress nutritionists and food experts with their nutritional benefits. There are plenty of food items, mainly vegetables and fruits that fall into the superfood category. Some are also from fish and dairy and can provide a huge amount of nutrients to the body without having to consume large amounts of calories.

On the other hand, foods with high fibres are food items that are mainly beneficial in taking care of the digestive tract and the digestive system. Superfoods with high-fibre content are considered to be a favourite for those looking to control their weight or those who are shifting into a healthier lifestyle. Here are the top 5 of the most popular superfoods that are also high in fibre.


Beans and lentils can help you sneak in as much fibre as you need into your diets without having to worry about your calorie intake. It can be mixed with soups, stews and salads and can be enjoyed both in small and huge proportions. The edamame, a popular type of bean, is believed to contain 9 grams of fibre for every half cup of serving. On top of these benefits, beans are also a good source of protein. They are also used as additives for flours used in baked goods.


One of the most usual characteric of superfoods that are high in fibre is that they are often green in colour. One of the perfect examples is broccoli. It belongs to the family of the cauliflower, kale and cabbage. Broccoli is known to be rich in fibre as well as minerals that help in maintaining the health of the stomach. A cup of broccoli contains 5 grams of fibre.


All types of berries are considered to be superfoods. On top of their high-fibre content, they are also considered to be antioxidants which make them popular among people who are looking to look and feel younger. A cup of fresh blueberries contains around 4 grams of fibre. Blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are getting a lot of attention for their high-fibre content and anti-ageing properties. Keeping your calorie intake in check is also easier with berries added into your diet.


Avocados are not a hype. They are genuinely a delicious and nutritious alternative for your regular fibre source. It can be added into everything, just like rose petals. You can enjoy avocados in salads, French toast, entrees and with eggs. They are also known for their healthy dose of healthy fats. A cup of avocado contains 10 grams of fibre.

Dried Figs

Dried figs benefits include decreasing the risk of heart attack and maintaining the right blood sugar levels. As a superfood that is rich in fibre and low in calories, consuming dried figs is not only ideal for losing weight but it also promotes healthy digestion. 

Superfoods can also help lower blood cholesterol. It can make you feel full even with a small amount of consumption. If you are looking to lose weight or to simply enjoy a more nutritious and gut friendly diet, these top 5 superfoods are the best options for you.

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