The Benefits and Risks of CBD oil for Pain Relief Explained

The Benefits and Risks of CBD oil for Pain Relief Explained

The growing popularity of CBD, and its magical soothing effects have been quite the subject of discussion, some criticizing it, while others praising it for its benefits. This has led to a lot of confusion regarding cannabidiol, also referred to as, cannabis oil.

This ‘healing’ oil is extracted from the cannabis plant.

A lot of people are looking for this special substance in the UK. The reason behind this is curiosity of finding out if CBD oil actually possesses healing powers! The large number of English people, looking for CBD oil UK simply want to find out of what people are saying is actually true. If you have been looking for a detailed discussion on this oil, then you’re in the right place! Let’s take a look at the benefits of using this soothing substance.

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil

The cannabis plant is well known for a range of medicinal properties such as a reduction of chronic pain, a decrease in epileptic seizures, reducing inflammation, fighting insomnia and nausea, and also coping with anxiety and stress.

It is also widely used by smokers who want to quit smoking. In addition to this, most people also use it for lessening the withdrawal effects that may have been a consequence of not consuming drugs or alcohol. Surprisingly, this oil can also be used to fight against cancer and the symptoms of the Parkinson’s disease.

How the Cannabis Oil Reduces Pain

The main reason why this oil is so popular among people in the UK, is for its pain-relieving properties! People in the UK obsessively use CBD for pain.  

Let’s take a deeper look into how the cannabis oil helps reduce chronic pain! Basically, the oil helps relieve pain in three main ways:

  • Reduction in inflammation: CBD causes the production of inflammatory chemicals, also called cytokines, to fall down.
  • Coping with anxiety: anxiety, a common disorder nowadays, can also be lowered by the use of this oil. The oil binds the serotonin receptors which gives a natural anti-depressant effect.
  • Reducing physical pain: the consumption of this oil also binds and blocks receptors, located in the central nervous system which causes the feeling of pain.

The Effects of Consuming CBD

CBD requires time to take effect. Around 30-60 minutes are enough for the oil to take effect. The soothing effect lasts for up to 4 hours, sometimes even going up to 6 hours.

The good news is, if you have been continuously consuming the cannabis oil, and decide to stop suddenly, you won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms, like you do with opioids.

Coming down to side effects, this oil doesn’t contain THC, which means there’s less harm inflicted to the consumer.

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Several people claim that CBD has no effect on their mood, rather it is more suitable for relieving physical pain. However, others claim it has helped them considerably with anxiety. This has led to mixed reviews surrounding CBD oil.

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