How to Choose a Personal Trainer

How to Choose a Personal Trainer


You’ve made the decision to take the next step in your fitness journey and find a personal trainer who will assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals. However, there is a fine line between making a wise investment in your potential fitness success and just tossing money away for something that doesn’t work. What’s the difference? Knowing how to choose the right person to turn to for assistance when setting the correct goals.

With years of experience, Fitlov trainers know exactly how to break down the requirements of a goal into easily achievable steps. The next time you look for a personal trainer, take into consideration the following criteria:

  1. Their Reputation
    A referral is the best compliment a trainer can get but letting customers see the outcomes of their clients firsthand is a near second. Getting people to accomplish their goals is the greatest evidence, and successful trainers would be able to share success stories, testimonials, and references.
  2. Their Qualifications
    Personal trainers must complete an assessment administered by approved institutions to become licensed. This means they’ve followed the technical and integrity requirements set by a reputable institution.
  3. Their Experience
    A mentor who has been around the block a few times has most certainly checked and mastered his method for delivering the right cues to help you get the most out of any single rep. Fight the temptation to work with a newly certified teacher in lieu of one with some prior experience.
  4. Their Personality
    What drives you? Some people react well to positive feedback sprinkled with cheerleading, while others like to be yelled at and frightened into doing a few extra squats. In any case, speak to the trainer and get a sense of their personality and see how it fits with what you’re looking for.
  5. Their Specialities
    If the training you’re looking for is something specific, you need to practice with a trainer who specializes in what you’re looking for. They will not only have more experience in the chosen field, but they will be more excited about it if they understand the nuances of the sport and have a vested interest in it.
  6. Their Availability
    Since consistency is essential when working with a trainer, you can ask about their schedule. How long ahead of time can you book appointments, will you make up missing ones, and what is their cancellation policy?
  7. Their Location
    This is another area where personal preference comes into play, so think of your preferences and tendencies carefully. Some people are motivated by watching others in a conventional gym environment, while some enjoy the one-on-one approach of a fitness centre, while even others prefer to work out alone.

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While you might be feeling intimidated by the thought of hiring a personal trainer, keep in mind that the conditions mentioned above are just recommendations, not hard and fast rules. Above all, trust your gut. Look for a personal trainer who is professional and accomplished and who feels like a perfect fit.

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