Can Visitors Buy Out-of-State Cannabis?

Can Visitors Buy Out-of-State Cannabis?

The wave of marijuana legalization has been sweeping all across America. Several polls have established that most people want weed legalized. Most states have since complied and allow its use both for medical and recreational purposes.

As a new industry, not every aspect of cannabis use is clear to the users. One of such aspects on the regulations. Given that not all states have legalized weed, it’s hard to establish whether tourists and other out-of-state visitors can access the legal weed.

This guide clears all your concerns.

What are the Cannabis Rules Regarding Out-of-State Users?

Whether you can purchase weed as an out-of-state depends on the local laws of the state. Given most states provide for various laws on buying, usage, and handling of the products, it’s only right you get conversant with the state’s law on cannabis of your current place.

The state laws also determine the allowed purpose of marijuana use, legal quantity, and age for out-of-state usage. For example, Alaska allows only 1 ounce of recreational marijuana usage, without recognizing marijuana cards. Arizona on the other hand allows out-of-state weed usage for those who live outside the state and one must have a medical marijuana card. The person must also be diagnosed with a condition for which marijuana use is permitted in Arizona like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The state also allows recreational marijuana purchases for up to 2.5 ounces.

The marijuana rules also change from time to time. Take time to go through the latest provisions of the state’s laws before you consider buying from any store.

How Do I Purchase Out-of-State Cannabis?

Once you have established the possibility of buying cannabis in a new State, you must be wondering how to go about the process. The legalization of weed has made buying it quite simple. Several weed stores have come up to provide the right quality weed. These stores have a wide variety depending on the strains, quality, and color you need.

Hawaii now allows visitors to buy medical marijuana - Los Angeles Times

Purchasing cannabis is just like buying alcohol; you only need to present an ID for verification in case of recreation use. For medical marijuana use, you will need to present the marijuana medical card and the diagnosis from your doctor.

Some states like Arizona treat you as an out-of-state only if you live outside the state or have been residing in the state for less than 30days. In such an instance you will need to provide your travel and personal details when buying out-of-state marijuana.

Are There Other Restrictions I Need to Know?

Other than the possibility of buying weed and how to go about it, there are other vital restrictions to understand. The first of the restrictions is weed stores operational hours. Some states only allow pot shops to operate within specific hours. Understand the operational time to help you plan.

The other restrictions can apply to transporting the weed, prosecuting in case of violations, and the places to smoke weed.

Can Visitors Buy out-of-state Cannabis?

Yes, visitors can buy out-of-state cannabis, however, under the state-provided laws. Understand all the weed regulations before heading to any weed store for the purchase.

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