11 Healthy Habits Can Increase Your Lifespan As Per The Science

11 Healthy Habits Can Increase Your Lifespan As Per The Science

We may know the main aspects that are best for increasing life span, but here in this blog, we will unveil some of those habits linked to a long life. If you people are not following these, then definitely you have put yourself at risk. Have a look and share this information with your loved ones to let them know how special they are in your life and how it is important to follow these healthy habits for a long life.

Skip Overeating

You all need to pay attention to your calorie intake yourself because it depends on longevity chances. People who are overweight would have more chances of having a shorter life because it is linked to many diseases. Normal calorie intake would increase the lifespan and lower down the diseases. Calorie cut down would reduce the body weight and belly fat. Long term calorie restriction would have adverse side effects as well because it would increase hunger and lower down the body temperature.

Eat Nuts

Make sure you have added all types of nuts to your routine because they are rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants. These nuts are a great source of several vitamins and minerals such as copper, magnesium, potassium, folate, niacin, and B6. Nuts have beneficial effects on heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and belly fat. Make sure you are consuming at least 3 servings of nuts per week to lower the symptoms.

Take Turmeric

Turmeric is a great option because this spice contains a potent bioactive compound. Due to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric maintains brain, heart, and lung function to protect against cancers. Turmeric has been consumed for thousands of years, and it is very effective to increase the life span.

Eat Healthy Plant Foods

A wide range of plant foods such as fruits, veggies and nuts would decrease the risk of different health conditions and increase longevity. Plant-rich diets lower the risk of premature death and reduce cancer risk, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, depression, and brain deterioration. Include plant-based foods into your routine to get the massive benefits that reduce the risk of premature death.

Stay Physical Active

Being physically active would keep you healthy and increase longevity. Involve yourself in a daily 15-minute exercise to achieve health benefits. It will also reduce the risk of premature death. Regular physical activity would be helpful for life span, and if you have a busy schedule and cannot take out 30 minutes daily, start with slow intervals and then increase this later on.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking causes early death and triggers numerous diseases, so people in this addiction need to quit. If you find it difficult to quit, you can try out nicotine-free vape juices that are quite safer than nicotine-based e-cigarettes. There are so many flavors available for vaping such as electronic cigarette menthol, sweet flavors, chocolate flavors, dessert flavor and tobacco flavor. People who take nicotine-based cigarettes or vape juices would have 8-10 years shorter life span than non-smokers.

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Leave Alcohol

Wine is beneficial, but alcoholic beverages would cut down the lifespan and cause numerous diseases. Heavy alcohol consumption would trigger liver , heart and pancreatic disease and obviously increase the chances of early death. Make sure you are going for moderate consumption to decrease the risk of premature death. People with this addiction may have to consult the rehab centers because they will have inpatient or outpatient therapy treatments. Stay out of this for a healthy and prolonged life.

Keep Yourself Away From Anxiety

Anxiety decreases the lifespan, and women suffering from stress or anxiety would have numerous diseases such as heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and much more. Anxiety or depression would affect the life span as well and increase the risk of premature death. People who always feel stressed need to take a break from a hectic life, which is the best solution to cope with depression. Anxiety has already increased the risk of early deaths, so everyone needs to remain positive and reduce their stress levels for a longer life span.

Take Coffee Or Tea

Coffee and tea decrease the risk of chronic disease. Coffee is linked to lower down the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease. People who take green tea would reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Coffee and tea drinkers would have lowered the risk of early death compared to those who are not fond of taking coffee or tea.

Go For Improved Sleeping Pattern

Sleep duration must be 7-8 hours because people who sleep less than 5-7 hours per night would have 15-20% chances of early death. A proper sleep routine would reduce inflammation and decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Have An Aim Of Life

People should have set the goal of life, and if you don’t have any aim, you might find your life a bit boring, so get yourself indulged in the purpose because it would reduce the risk of death. You would be psychologically better and determined to the goals of life. Have a healthy social network because the bad network would affect your health, and you may indulge in bad habits such as addiction or smoking.

These are the things that are linked to a healthy lifestyle and prolonged life. If you people want to promote longevity, then follow all these tips and tricks proven by science. Get the help of doctors for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and go for a routine check-up to get to know about the complications earlier. Take a balanced diet to stay healthy and never miss the walk and exercise.

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