Why You Need A Water Jar In Your Office

Why You Need A Water Jar In Your Office

If you are an entrepreneur who operates an office, you know the value of your employees’ health. It is no secret that an office with good amenities and facilities for the employees works efficiently and produces a healthy work output. Compare it to a poorly kept office, and you have unhappy employees who are not giving their best.

There are numerous pointers to keep in mind while thinking of your employees’ happiness and well-being, but today we will look at something fundamental that can have a significant impact in the long run. That is drinking water.

Drinking water is an amenity you cannot skip or compromise on, especially for an office space. Most offices in India use a water jar and a dispenser to address the water needs of the people working in the office. We will see why this is the optimum solution and how you should choose the correct water jar for your office.

Benefits of Water Jar

The benefits of using a water jar and a suitable water dispenser are twofold. The first set of benefits are from a practical point of view:

●       Convenience: A 20L water jar provides convenience to you, as 20L is ample volume for an office of any size, and just having a few jars every day can address the water needs of your office. They are quite convenient to use, as all you need is a water dispenser, and you have supply of clean drinking water ready for the entire day.

●       Value for Money: Most 20L water jars are aggressively priced in India, as they are some of the best selling products on the market.

●       Easy to get: Water jars are some of the easiest to get water solutions on the market. There are local suppliers of these jars everywhere, and you can easily find one near you by a quick google search.

●       Subscription: Some brands offer you the choice of getting a subscription so that you can set the frequency at which you want the water delivered along with the quantity. Afterwards, you do not have to worry about calling for a water jar every time.

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The second set of benefits can be seen from the quality of water perspective:

●       Mineral Bottled Water is Pure: A good mineral water brand has a 10 step purification process, including ozonation, ensuring all harmful bacteria present in the water are killed. It is also sourced responsibly.

●       Quality Check: Most trusted brands have extensive quality check processes to ensure that each water jar is the highest possible quality.

●       Health Benefits: There are various health benefits of mineral water. It can help regulate your body’s temperature better, helps keep the skin healthy, and has micronutrients like magnesium and potassium.

●       Environmental Impact: The jars are often reused or recycled, depending on the brand’s approach and process. But using them generates the least amount of plastic waste, so that you can count that as a benefit.

If you are looking for a water jar for your office, you need to look for a trusted brand like Bisleri that can vouch for the quality of its water. Local suppliers often provide water that is not up to the mark, and the prices are also not very different. So there isn’t really any reason not to go with a legacy brand.


Water jars are the most widely used water solutions for offices worldwide. Especially in a country like India, where the quality of tap water is not great, they are crucial for the employees’ well-being. So choose the water jar for your office carefully and enjoy its many benefits today.

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