Why Has There Been an Increase in Substance Abuse-Related Deaths?

Why Has There Been an Increase in Substance Abuse-Related Deaths?

The death of a loved one, especially due to drug abuse and alcoholism, can be cruel and stressful for those left behind. Today, there has been a sharp upsurge in the number of people who have died due to the effects of substance abuse on their health. It is wise to seek professional help for you or your loved one before the situation gets worse. Here at https://www.gallusdetox.com/, there have been many people who have received such support.

Why Has the Death Toll Risen?

Deaths resulting from drug abuse and alcoholism have skyrocketed immensely over the last few years. As if that is not enough, the numbers keep rising every day. It is imperative to address the issue now and find out what is causing all those deaths. Follow through to understand some causes:

Low Prices for Drugs and Alcohol

There are many types of drugs and alcohol available in today’s market, some of which are very cheap. This is unlike before when alcohol and drugs were few and available only to those who could afford them. In this regard, the use of such substances has become rampant. That is why so many people have been affected, with a good portion of them dying. Today, in many countries, you will find very cheap liquor in the villages. The effects of such drinks are, most of the time, fatal.

High Rehab Costs

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Rehab facilities have been erected in different areas to help addicts recover from their addiction. However, accessing such institutions has become challenging in some places, since some of them charge too high for their services. Life is tough, especially due to the covid-19 pandemic. You might not have enough money to take yourself or a loved one to a rehabilitation center. When addicts do not get urgent help from these facilities, the effects of the substance they abuse can lead to their deaths.

Increased Use of Machinery

The world has transformed significantly over the last few decades. Technology has made work easier for many people. Nevertheless, the use of machines in manufacturing and other fields has led to the demise of many people, especially those who operate such machines under alcohol or drug influence. Moreover, there have been many casualties from road accidents globally. A good portion of these accidents is caused by drivers operating vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Law Not Being Enforced

In many countries worldwide, illicit substances find their way to the consumers through the ‘back door.’ This means that the corruption in some countries is too high, such that even dangerous drugs, such as cocaine, are availed by the country’s leaders. This has consequently led to the availability of these illicit drugs to a larger percentage of the population. Some governments are doing all they can to fight drug abuse, but drug cartels and corrupt leaders make it more complex. The laws stipulated about liquor selling and distribution are not enforced as they should be. There is no specific amount of alcohol that one is supposed to take. There is the freedom to drink all they want as long as the money is there. Such high levels of alcoholism have been closely associated with many yearly deaths, considering their effects on the user’s general health.

In a nutshell, prevention is better than cure. Deaths resulting from alcoholism and drug abuse have caused quite a stir globally. However, the government and other institutions cannot handle this nightmare on their own. If you are abusing any substance, try as hard as you can to quit. If your loved one is in that habit, it is time to consider getting them the necessary help.

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