Hair loss is a very common thing. About 80% of the global population suffers from hair loss in one way or the other. Our fast-paced life, stress, hormonal imbalances, genes and illness are just some of the reasons why hair loss happens. There are various treatments available which help to deal with hair loss. FUE and FUT are the most popular hair transplant treatments available. However, new technologies and techniques are becoming available and PRP Toronto is increasingly becoming a popular choice for hair restoration treatment.

What Is Prp?

PRP is a hair restoration treatment which stands for Platelet-Rich-Plasma and makes use of the patient’s blood in order to stimulate hair growth. The treatment makes use of the patient’s blood by spinning out the red and white blood cells, leaving behind only platelet-rich plasma. Once the plasma has been separated it is then injected back into the areas which have been affected by the hair loss. This plasma then stimulates the follicles to produce healthy hair strands. The reason why platelets are used is that they are the first responders of our blood. Whenever we suffer any wound, the clogging is done by these platelets.

What Is The Procedure Like?

PRP therapy is quick and painless in comparison to the other treatments. The blood is drawn for the treatment in the same way blood is drawn when donating blood. Once the blood has been collected, then is put through a centrifuge in which the red and white cells are separated from the platelets. After the separation has taken place, the left behind platelet-rich plasma is then injected back into the areas of hair loss. While injecting the plasma into the scalp, that area is locally frozen to make the process as painless as possible.

How Long Does The Procedure Last?

The procedure is relatively quick when compared to others. The entire procedure takes about only half an hour to an hour. If you are planning to get it done, you can go through it during your lunch hour and return to work right after it.

Who Are The Perfect Candidates For This Treatment?

PRP is a hair restorative treatment and not hair transplant. The plasma is used to help generate more strands of hair. It is the perfect option for those who suffer from mild levels of hair loss. Such candidates would be able to see great results at a good speed. Not only does it help to grow thicker, shinier and healthy hair but also slows down hair loss and restores hair and reverses the impact of hair loss. Those who are suffering from moderate level hair loss can opt for it along with other treatments like Propecia and Rogaine to restore the hair and prevent hair loss from progressing further.

However, if you suffer from severe hair loss then hair transplant is the best option and PRP can be used as a side therapy which will help to ensure more effective results.

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