The Misconceptions About Using Cannabis- What You Need To Know In 2020?


Cannabis is the other name of marijuana. It is a psychoactive drug extracted from a cannabis plant for both medical and recreational purposes. The main component of cannabis is the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it is mainly responsible for making you high and hence used for recreational purposes. The other component is CBD (cannabidiol), which is very beneficial for humans, hence used for medical purposes. It is very important to know how CBD and THC are present in any compound. For this, try contacting the medical marijuana doctors online for your convenience as marijuana is gaining its name in today’s world. Hence, it is important to get yourself familiar with the facts and misconceptions about it.

We are narrating some of the misconceptions here.

You cannot overdose on marijuana. 

It is nearly impossible to die from an overdose of marijuana, but the chances are that you can abuse it. For overdosing on marijuana, you would have to consume 1000 pounds per minute, which is almost impossible. So, you can overdose on marijuana.

You can flush THC out of your system by using water.

People assume that they can beat the drug test by consuming too much water. Some people try to sweat the THC out of their bodies because it is responsible for making you doze off anytime. The life of THC tends to revolve around 3-4 days. So, if used regularly, it takes longer and longer to leave your system.

Marijuana improves Creativity

This is one of the greatest misconceptions that marijuana helps to boost up your Creativity. It is not true because experiments have been conducted in which people were given some dose of marijuana and were asked to solve a puzzle; they did a terrible job. Hence, it was proved that marijuana does not increase Creativity at any cost. It may make you lose it but doesn’t increase it.

Marijuana does not affect your lungs.

People assume that since it is mostly inhaled, so doesn’t affect the lungs. This whole concept is wrong because it is harmful whether it’s smoked from a cigarette or a campfire; it does interact with your lungs making them worse than ever.

Marijuana is harmless

It surely doesn’t kill you. But, it leaves long-term effects, including poor academic performance, memory loss, and lung cancer. It is especially toxic for developing brains (young children), leading to depression and unbearable panic attacks.

Driving while high is safer than driving drunk 

There is no denying the fact that the moderate dose of marijuana results in bad driving. Marijuana affects alertness, concentration, and conception, which automatically makes the marijuana consumer a bad driver because these are the basic senses needing driving.

Holding in a Hit Gets You Higher

We all know that someone around us or amongst us may have heard or done this. Holding your smoke might make you feel higher, but such is not the case with cannabis. When you deprive your brain of oxygen, it results in a feeling of lightheadedness that ultimately results in high feeling. It has been researched that 95% of the THC has been inhaled in the first inhaling, so this fact pretty much sums up the point that holding your breath doesn’t make much difference.

CBD is not psychoactive

It is quite evident that CBD will not produce the effects of THC (responsible for the high effect), but it may alter your mood; that is why it cannot be termed as non-psychoactive. Rather it is considered non-intoxicating.

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