Tent Fabrics

Tent Fabrics

It provides waterproof and cold weather resistant production with Tepastex tents. Tent fabrics, which are resistant to -25 ° C cold and +70 ° C heat, provide the opportunity to use in 4 seasons. The fabric type used in tent fabric is tarpaulin, and it is a durable material compared to fabrics made of wool or synthetic threads. In addition to waterproof, it also has a feature that does not absorb water.

At the same time, thanks to its non-flammable structure, it prevents possible disasters. It is very sheltered thanks to its structure that prevents sunlight. It is protected from bad weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, and environmental influences. Tent fabrics are produced as cotton fabric, gabardine fabric, raw cloth fabric. The purpose of tents is to provide safe shelter in all weather conditions. Currently, it is used for sports and entertainment purposes, as well as meeting the urgent need for shelter in case of any disaster.

Therefore, the durability and properties of tent fabrics are very important. It provides high quality product production with different production lines for each fabric. Feedback to customer demands is very fast. The sales and delivery team works very planned in line with the product needs.

The quality of its products has taken its place in the fabric market. Apart from that, we can say that it is the leader of the market in terms of product prices.

The widespread customer network is due to their customer satisfaction-oriented work.

With Tepastex assurance, you can supply tent fabrics in any color and pattern you want without stock problems, as well as for all types of fabrics.


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