Teeth Whitening 101: How To Get Affordable Teeth Whitening Nj

Teeth Whitening Nj

White teeth are the key signs of a bright and attractive smile. Unfortunately, the natural color of our teeth disappears as we age due to the foods we consume, some medications such as tetracycline, exposure to too much fluoride, and genetics. While smiling is one of the best ways to lower anxiety and reduce stress levels, teeth discoloration can dull your smile. To restore your bright and natural smile, you should consider affordable dental care NJ.

5 Benefits of Affordable Teeth Whitening NJ

1.  Get back your youthful look

Our teeth tend to lose their bright and white luster as we age and they appear yellower. We subconsciously relate people with stained and yellow teeth as older than they might be. Therefore, if you want to get back your youthful look, you should consider teeth whitening.

2.  Boost your confidence

One of the things that most people will use to assess you and your personality is your smile. Whether you’re giving a presentation or you’re just walking down the street, white teeth will give you more confidence in your smile. Affordable teeth whitening NJ procedure will remove all persistent stains and brighten your smile. This will give you less cause of feeling embarrassed about having a less than attractive smile.

3.  White teeth improve oral health

After spending your time and money on affordable teeth whitening NJ services, you will be more likely to take proper care of your teeth. Brushing and flossing your teeth as well as visiting your hygienist will help keep your teeth white and also improve your general oral health.

4.  Improve mental health

After undergoing an affordable teeth whitening NJ procedure, your brain will also shine. Bad oral hygiene eventually leads to some cognitive problems and diseases as you age. Additionally, continued stress about your physical appearance can cause mental health problems later in life. Teeth whitening will boost your confidence and the stress will fall away leaving you mentally fit.

5.  White teeth are easier to maintain

After affordable teeth whitening NJ procedure, you will receive a whitening maintenance kit from your dentist. The kit will contain whitening gel and custom-made trays which will help retain the luster of your teeth.

How Affordable Teeth Whitening NJ Works

Affordable teeth whitening NJ works by either changing the tanned color of the inside part of your teeth (referred to as intrinsic whitening) or by removing stains from the outer part of your teeth (referred to as extrinsic whitening).

  • Intrinsic whitening: This is the whitening of the dentin or the inner parts of a tooth by soaking it with hydrogen peroxide to become lighter.
  • Extrinsic whitening: Medication, tea, coffee, smoking, food, and smoking leave stains that cannot be removed by regular brushing and flossing alone. Your hygienist will use a polish and whitening toothpaste to remove these stains.

Keep in mind that whitening your teeth when you have exposed roots, gum disease, gum recession, crooked teeth, or other untreated problems can cause more pain and problems. Additionally, you will have wasted your time and money because teeth whitening won’t work on damaged teeth. To avoid such problems, always visit ethical and affordable teeth whitening NJ service provider.

How to Get Affordable Teeth Whitening NJ

Dental insurance doesn’t cover teeth whitening procedures because they are considered cosmetic. Fortunately, traditional dental insurance isn’t your only option. One of the best dental insurance alternatives that can help you save on teeth whitening procedures and other cosmetic dental procedures is a dental savings plans like DentalSave. As a member, you will get a 20 to 25 percent discount off the total whitening treatment cost.

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