Seneca Snakeroot – Uses, Benefits, Facts, and More

Seneca Snakeroot – Uses, Benefits, Facts, and More

Polygala Senega (referred to as Seneca snakeroot or Senega) is a species of flowering plant in Polygalaceae (the milkwort family). This plant is native to North America. It gets distributed to eastern and central US citizens and Canadians.

The name gets derived from North American Indians’ Seneca tribe. Among them, the plant used to be a remedy for snake bites in the bygone days. In this post, learn more about the uses, benefits, and other important facts about Seneca snakeroot.

The Humble Roots of Seneca Snakeroot: The Origin

Senega got traditionally used as a snakebite cure. Additionally, it would also cure or alleviate toothaches, earaches, croup & colds, and sore throats. However, in today’s medically advanced universe, Seneca gets used primarily as the expectorant in cough syrups.

Besides, one can also use it for teas and lozenges alongside a gargling liquid for sore throats. In larger doses, it might offer health benefits for emetic & cathartic. Given below are the health benefits of Seneca snakeroot:

  • It might get used for bleeding wounds, toothache, and throat issues
  • In the nineteenth century, it got used in the form of the expectorant in the cough remedies
  • It might get used as a Type II diabetes treatment

One quick note: Before you choose the snakeroot extract for any medical purpose, it is imperative to take a practitioner’s consultation.

How to Use Senega Extract?

After you buy the extract online, now is the time to apply it. So, regardless of whatever purpose you are using it, ensure you shake the bottle well before using it.

If your bottle contains a dropper, you need to take 1 ml (i.e., a full squeeze) or as directed by your doctor. The best liquid herbal tincture method is mixing the amount in a glass of juice, tea, or water.

Note that you can take it directly into your mouth without mixing it with water. But some tinctures remain unpalatable. And that’s the reason why people avoid using it in a concentrated form. They usually dilute it by mixing it with a healthy beverage.

A Few Ayurvedic Uses of Senega

Did you know Senega has some Ayurvedic health benefits too? To elucidate them one by one, here goes the list:

Seneca Snakeroot - Prairie Pollination

  • Night Sweats

To reduce your night sweat condition, you must take an equal amount of Liquorice, Japanese Rush, wheat, turmeric, Chinese dates, and senega snakeroot. After grinding them together, store them in a damp condition. Have half a tablespoon each day.

  • Sore Throat

You can use Senega extracts as a mouthwash. You can gargle with it and reduce your sore throat.

  • Male Reproductive Issues

Senega extract may benefit men with reproductive issues.

Can Seneca Snakeroot Tincture Get Used for Toenail Fungus?

Some holistic professionals recommend using Seneca extract for toenail fungus. Note that toenail fungus is a dermatological issue appearing on top of nails. It may also occur underneath them, making it difficult to treat.

It is an aesthetic problem that leads to serious ramifications. Funguses occur in damp and dark environments. Thus, it gets spread easily to surrounding nails. If you notice the discoloration and feel the brittleness, you must get it treated with Seneca extract.

Additional Tips Before Using

Now that you’ve decided to use it for any of the above-said purposes – take a recommendation from your doctor. Keep these things in mind:

  • Keep away from kids
  • Pregnant or nursing women should take only after consultation

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