Overcoming Addiction- Where To Begin Your Sobriety Journey

Overcoming Addiction- Where To Begin Your Sobriety Journey

Celebrating 1 Month Alcohol-Free

A millionaire and music producer turned mogul Thousand Times has reached an important point in his journey toward sobriety. Utilizing the raw emotion of an unresolved breakup as a trigger for change, the musician has stopped drinking since the beginning of May. The concept of being curious about your body is not new. Month-long challenges to stay sober like the Sober October as well as Dry January have prompted people to reconsider their drinking habits. Many also attempt to change habits such as drinking without thinking or drinking out of habit because everybody else does. However, many people use alcohol to reduce anxiety or celebrate joyful occasions or face life’s difficulties such as a loss of employment or a separation.

Increased Energy, Focus, And Enthusiasm

Although living an alcohol free life isn’t easy, Thousand Times remains a prominent advocate for cannabis-related products like CBD as well as Delta 8 which his company East Side Edibles distributes nationwide. East Side is a small group comprised of family members and friends. They have a wide selection of Delta 8 edibles. They craft each item with a dose in mind their methods to ensure that their products are shelf-stable. While East Side Edibles grows to accommodate the increased demand during the busy quarter, Thousand Times has noticed increased energy, focus, and enthusiasm since cutting down on alcohol. Thousand Times has grown East Side Edibles to become a D8 & CBD regional hegemon and has brought 3 cannabis brands onto the market.

What Is Sober-Curious?

“Sober-curious” is a term used to describe cream deluxe how many balloons the process of becoming “sober-curious” is used to refer to the decision to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. The name itself suggests that it encourages people to reduce their alcohol consumption or to try an alcohol-free lifestyle. A sober-curious lifestyle is an annalistic approach to health by encouraging healthier choices in lifestyle. If you cut down on alcohol consumption and coconsumeess alcohol, you can reap significant health advantages.

What Health Benefits Come With Reducing Alcohol Consumption?

There are e both short – and long-term health benefits associated with a reduction in the consumption of alcohol. Although some benefits are difficult to detect, however, there are a variety of modifications that can be noticed immediately. The most common short-term health benefits are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Memory Function Improved
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Balanced Moods
  • Better Heart Health
  • Amplification Of Liver Function
  • Boosting Your Immune System

Is An Alcohol-Free Life The Right Choice For You?

From a night out with your friends or attending an event related to work, there is usually an element of social interaction that is associated with drinking alcohol. In order to support the growing alcohol-related lifestyle, many businesses are striving to create a space that is friendly to drinking and non-drinking. Many retailers of food and drinks have expanded their offerings of non-alcoholic drinks, such as craft beers as well as “mocktails” — alcoholic drinks made with distilled, non-alcoholic spirits. Furthermore, alcohol-free social gatherings are becoming more popular.

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