Managed Alcohol Program: A New Strategy for Harm Reduction

Managed Alcohol Program: A New Strategy for Harm Reduction

Alcohol abuse has become extremely common. A solution that some Canadian researchers think is appropriate is a managed alcohol program. There are several cities that have implemented the program in the country for tackling severe alcoholism. It is most common among those that live in unstable housing situations and opt for non-beverage alcohol.

The concept is to be replicated by other countries such as Scotland and Australia as they want to benefit from its results. There is a homeless shelter in Glasgow that aims to put the idea into practice.  Although such a program may be beneficial, there is still a need for sufficient evidence to suggest that it would be effective at reducing the harms that people face due to drinking and improve their health.

Managed Alcohol Programs

In the simplest of words, a managed alcohol program is a program that aims to address alcoholism through harm reduction. It is similar to a drug detox North Wales as it aims to manage alcohol consumption. The main idea behind the program is to manage non-beverage alcohol consumption. The participants are offered regular doses of alcohol, housing, food, and even social support to find relief. The program is partially paid through social security benefits just like a drug rehab North Wales. For instance, the center would provide a measured serving of alcohol such as beer or wine at intervals. The main goal is to ensure that the person does not get intoxicated. If anyone drinks alcohol outside the rehab, they would be banned temporarily from the bar.

Non-Beverage Alcohol

When it comes to non-beverage alcohol, it can be any consumer product that contains alcohol and is not made for consumption such as an antifreeze, cologne or perfume, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, hair spray, and mouthwash. The consumption of these substances can prove deadly. The alcohol is the problem. Although beverage alcohol is not health, it is made with ethanol which is not toxic. On the other hand, there are some non-beverage alcohols that actually contain methanol which can prove lethal. The truth is that individuals that experience severe withdrawals can turn to an alternative despite knowing the consequences.

The Appeal of Managed Alcohol Programs

The main reason why managed alcohol programs are expected to be introduced at drug detox North Wales, drug rehab North Wales, and other locations is because the programs have proven to be successful in Canada. The fact is that alcohol dependency is serious and should not be taken lightly. If consumption is stopped suddenly, it could be life-threatening in the absence of proper care.

The programs are mostly offered to people who do not have a stable living arrangement or are homeless. Countries where alcohol tends to be expensive, people that experience a serious dependency turn to alternatives. Thus, the programs help provide an alternative approach to dealing with the problem. There are plenty of studies that reveal managed alcohol programs do more good than harm. Hence, they provide a solution to the ongoing problem.

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