Is Your CPAP Machine Really Clean?

Millions Suffer from Sleep Apnea

You are definitely not alone if you need a CPAP machine. Over 100 million people suffer from sleep apnea worldwide. While asleep sufferers of this illness awaken several times during the night, because their breathing passageways are blocked and an adequate amount of oxygen isn’t delivered to the brain. Sensing the danger, the brain wakes the individual up. Of course, there are consequences to this chain of events especially when it occurs many times through the night. These consequences include sleepiness throughout the day, headaches, and brain fog. Left untreated this can also lead to high blood pressure, problems with the heart, diabetes, and more. Fortunately, this can be avoided through the use of a CPAP machine which delivers pressurized air when needed, thus keeping the pathway open.

Why a CPAP Cleaner is Necessary

Since there is no question as to the usefulness of and the need for the CPAP machine, it is obviously something that must me maintained. Germs can collect in the mask, tubing and the machine itself from it’s nightly use. This can be cleaned by hand but since the collected bacteria can cause a runny nose, eye irritation, a sore throat or worse wouldn’t it make sense to use the best means possible to keep it clean.

Ozone Sanitizing

SoClean CPAP cleaners use ozone which is the same sanitizing process used in hospitals. No water is used in this process and so the machine stays completely dry and can be used immediately after cleaning. In fact, the CPAP doesn’t even need to be taken apart to be cleaned with our SoClean device. Just put the CPAP mask into the SoClean 2 chamber and turn the device on. In 10 minutes the CPAP will be 99.9 percent bacteria and germ free.

SoClean and SoClean 2

You may have heard of the SoClean and SoClean 2 which were 2 different models. The So Clean model is no longer available, but the SoClean 2 will do just as well as the original or better. You should not have to worry that the very device that is making your life so much better could also make you sick. You need the assurance that only SoClean CPAP cleaners can give you.

We also have a smaller model available, weighing only 1 pound, which can make it much more convenient when traveling. We are sure that whichever SoClean device you choose your life will be enhanced, and we are so glad and proud to be a part of that.

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