Hygienic Beds for Hospitals

Hygienic Beds for Hospitals

The hospital is an environment with special characteristics in terms of organization and business processes. All items must meet a number of characteristics according to their function. First of all, a hygienic bed should be comfortable for the patient because the length of stay can be long, so you may spend long hours in bed recuperating. Patient health beds have the ability to change posture for the benefit of the patient. Eating, watching TV, reading, getting visitors or medical care improves your position. There are also safety structures such as side barriers.

However, in the daily life of a hospital, it is quite common to be able to change the room or floor of the patient and meet the needs of the patient. Therefore, sanitary beds are mobile with swivel wheels, pads and slide function to move the patient with maximum comfort and discomfort. In the event of a power outage, the devices connected to the patient should be independent and contain a backup battery to keep the patient under control. Hasta yatağı

There are beds made of washable metal material, which are easy to clean and disinfect. Thanks to its simple assembly, it allows the caregiver to reach the patient from every angle. It is easy to transport and provides a solid foundation for any mattress. The best mattresses are available for bedridden patients to help improve circulation and prevent skin injury.

Features of Hospital Beds

When deciding to purchase a bed, a number of specific features should be considered that will guarantee a good recovery for the patient. Location: Moving the room and bed is essential. The location should be determined from the sides and feet, keeping in mind that it should allow access from at least two sides. It is also recommended that the location of the bed not be close to windows (to avoid drafts), stairs, doors and light, or directly above the beds.

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It is also important that the position of the bed allows the family members to create a harmonious environment with good light, flowers and different activities, feel empathy for the resting place. Mobility (Wheels): The bed needs to be moved to facilitate care and transfer, mobility is a very useful system for care. You should also remember that these have a braking system that protects the bed from improvised movements. Hasta yatağı fiyatları

Safety rails and support system: Patient safety is vital to their care. Having handrails on both sides will be important to assist the patient and avoid injury while standing up, moving and resting. You should reconsider whether to open the rails or the strong hinges as things like dressing, feeding, washing, changing the patient will be much easier. In turn, patient safety is guaranteed.

Height and size: A spacious room where the patient can rest with pleasure will greatly contribute to his well-being. This should also apply to the size of the bed and mattress. It should be spacious so that your loved ones can rest in complete safety and comfort. It is important to have a height adjustable system to adapt the height to the needs of the moment.

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