Guidelines on How to Maximise on CPC Training

CPC Training

Definition of CPC Training

CPC training, otherwise known as the Driver Certificate Of Professional Competence, is a certification for bus, coach and lorry drivers. Basically, when it comes to driving these large vehicles, it is quite risky to do so. So, in order to mitigate this risk as well as ensure that these drivers are more professional, the CPC training was introduced according to EU and governmental regulations.

This certification is now essential for every bus, lorry or coach driver. It was created so that every single one of these drivers can gain improvements in their driving skills. Courses are available at the LGV Training Company.

There are two parts of this training: the first part is about qualification and the next part is 35 hours of training which has to be done every 5 years so that the CPC certificate can remain valid.

Now, once a professional driver has a category C or D licence, they are legally required to get this CPC certification.

When Is the CPC Not Necessary?

There are a few instances when some drivers don’t need to have a Driver CPC and we will now look at some of them.

1. Using the aforementioned vehicles to transport goods, materials or even passengers in a private and non-commercial way. Non-commercial means that whatever you transport isn’t meant for profit.

2. If you need to use the vehicles to transport material or equipment that are necessary for your job. The Driver CPC is not needed once driving is not a main aspect of your job.

3. If you need to use the vehicles (lorry, bus, coach) casually for your job and not on a professional driving basis. However, there are a few conditions for this to be acceptable, such as you can only drive up to 50 km from your base. Also, you cannot transport goods or passengers.

Description of the Training

When it comes to new drivers, the beginning part of the training will have four modules and this will include practical exams as well as theory so that they can get their driver’s licence. The next two modules are meant especially for professional coach, lorry or bus drivers.

Structure of the Initial Training

  • A theoretical test which is standard and required in order for the person to get their driver’s licence.
  • A practical test: this practical test is essential so that the person’s driving ability can be determined in order to get the licence.
  • Case studies: these are exam questions that are based on certain situations a driver may encounter.
  • ¬†Practical exam: this is actually a CPC specific exam where the person will need to show and explain certain basics of driving a lorry besides actually driving.

When it comes to drivers who need to renew their licence, they must do a minimum of 35 hours of training. They will also need to go through at least 7 hours of training for each CPC module. It is important to note that there isn’t a particular component in the training where you can either pass or fail, since there isn’t any exam. So, in order to get the Driver CPC, all you need to do is go through and attend the training and do the necessary hours. However, your CPC hours will expire once 5 years has elapsed if you don’t use them. So, you should keep track of the modules you’ve completed online as well as the date on which you did them.

We will now look at the essential items you need to have when doing this training:

  • Passport that is valid
  • Driver CPC
  • Driving license
  • Tachograph card (digital).

It should also be noted that you can repeat a specific module 5 times and you can still get the Driver Qualification Card.

Pros of CPC Training

Safer Driving

You will become a much safer and more reliable driver. This will ensure that you avoid specific situations that may have very high risks.

Being More Environmentally Friendly and Efficient

You will learn how to drive in such a way as to save fuel, which is definitely more efficient and will allow the organisation to spend less money.

Increased Employability

Lastly, since this training will improve overall knowledge, it will make you a lot more employable. There is definitely a high demand for CPC trained drivers and this training will give you a huge advantage.

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