Features of a Successful Drug Rehab Facility

Features of a Successful Drug Rehab Facility

Every rehab facility is different from others, and what makes one successful for one substance abuse may not be for the other. This is mostly because every treatment facility uses different specialties and programs. But some treatment centers will rank higher for a particular treatment than others based on several features.

So What Makes a Top-Rated Drug Rehab Facility?

High Success Rate

A high success rate is ideal, but this has a caveat. How exactly does the facility quantify success? Is it a percentage of patients that maintain sobriety for six months or those that complete the program? Keep in mind that the specialty can affect the success rate. For example, a facility that only deals with alcoholism may seem more successful than the one that deals with veterans with PTSD and recovering from opioid addiction.

Comprehensive Focus

While there are a couple of therapies, some patients may need to go through different therapies or stages of treatment to address the problem fully. A facility like Infinite Recovery Dallas provides comprehensive therapy options to ensure success. A top-rated facility will provide group therapy sessions in addition to one-on-one time with the therapist. This allows for customized treatment and the liberty to express feelings you would be uncomfortable expressing in a group setting.

Dedicated Professionals

The rehab facility staff will be with you through the sobriety journey, and so they play a very important role in its success. As a result, the kind of staff that a facility has determined how successful the program will be. But how do you determine the quality of staff that a treatment center has?

For one, ask about accreditation and registration. How many qualified psychologists are on the team? Are they all registered nurses? While accreditation and qualification may not guarantee success, it is a good indicator. The staff should also have expert knowledge in the type of addiction you want to heal from. Moreover, all the decisions and programs should have a good basis, such as medical evidence or scientific study.


Every rehab facility will specialize in particular addictions. Some may focus on several, but every facility will have that one specialty they excel in better than the rest. Choose a facility with a higher rating for the treatment of your addiction. This improves your chances of recovery.

What to do When Someone You Love Needs Drug Rehab

A Family Focus

Families are an integral part of the addiction recovery process, and a successful rehab facility should loop your family in. In the majority of the cases, families are the main motivation for patients to complete the treatment process. They don’t want to continue hurting the people they love and so some treatment programs will include families in them. Even though some facilities prefer to have some patients secluded for the treatment duration, family visits may sometimes be necessary.

Underlying Issues

Substance abuse is not usually a problem on its own. Abusers often have other underlying issues they deal with, and that is what drives the addiction. Are you dealing with a mental health issue? Are you feeling alone, or are there conflicts at home? You are more likely to relapse if the rehab facility fails to address the underlying issue because you still have not addressed the root cause of the addiction.


The location of the addiction treatment center can determine the success of the programs. Is it in an urban area with sprawling clubs and casinos? Typically, a successful drug rehab facility will seclude the patient from the triggers during the duration of the treatment.

The inpatient treatment facility should have the space and the tranquility to support the transformation and healing from addiction. In conclusion, a successful drug rehab facility will support your healing from the addiction. Your lifelong sobriety starts with the choice of facility, and so make sure you pick the right one.

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