Add Green To The Scene

purifying plants

The colour of peace and sanity, green found in its purest and most mystical form via plants is a blessing that we humans are not thankful enough for. Plants follow the simplest of mechanisms and are the least of all the complex organisms that thrive on this planet. Plants are life, provide life, nurture and care for all. Selfless, as they are, have proved to be the most essential and irreplaceable organisms. Just as you read this, you take a breath of oxygen, and they are what provide you with it. While we breathe, eat and survive on what they provide to us every second every day we never thank them enough for what they do for us.

Unknowingly plants were initially used as food crops, fruits from some trees, and medicines from some. But after all these centuries, science has taken its place and raised awareness of the various, and uncountable roles plants play in making our’s and many other organisms’ lives better. Outdoor plants are one that majorly helps us meet our food requirements, and indoor plants please our aesthetic needs. A subcategory of the latter is air purifying plants.

Discoveries and research have led to inform us of a unique characteristic they possess. With a tendency to absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants they make the earth and our homes a better place to live in.

While there are a few too many problems plants resolve for us, there are some of which we are oblivious.

Family to too many

Humans have been observant to the kinds and features of plants that work in their favour. But much heed has been given by laymen to other types of plants that are essential and life-giving to plenty of other living organisms. Regardless of their well being, they even encounter parasites that feed on plants and take all products prepared for themselves.

What not, a whole lot

Overwhelmed with the number of responsibilities they don’t have time to throw tantrums. Some trees spread up to acres; some fit your small pots. Enabling the same roles, they cater to both their food requirements and produce oxygen for humans.

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A relentless resource

Plants cover a big part of planet earth. It is although very daring for humans to challenge the eternal power of the world. With no plants on the planet, humans will witness some callous times. Development and environment are to go hand in hand. Proportional to each other, the earth is not for humans to dictate.

Plants are beautiful, sincere and thoughtful gifts. Plants can hear you, understand you and connect to your soul. Talking and complementing them can enlighten both their and your day. Flowering and flourishing as they are they bring the same spirit in your life. Likely to become your best friend, beware your human friends already to make room for your new planter. Waves with air, reflect sunlight, bring positivity and aspire for new beginnings. Plants do beyond their roles on paper; they are a support to your psychological need.

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