What You Must Know About Laser Stretch Mark Removal Before Going For It

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Undoubtedly, stretch marks are a skin problem that most people face. These marks mostly come about when the skin stretches due to weight gain or during pregnancy. Sometimes, they can make one feel uncomfortable and lower one’s self-confidence a great deal, especially if they are in areas on the body that are easily seen by everyone. If you’re in such a situation right now, you’re probably considering going for laser stretch mark removal. Before you proceed, you must get to learn a few critical aspects of the procedure.

Laser stretch mark removal is one of the most advanced ways of eliminating stretch marks out there so far. Though it utilizes very sophisticated technology, the pain and cost involved in the treatment have lowered significantly over recent years. This procedure is still not thought of as cheap but it’s less expensive than other stretch marks removal processes like plastic surgery. Additionally, there are fewer risks associated with the laser.

Causes of Stretch Marks

As mentioned, stretch marks often come as a result of rapid skin expansion due to pregnancy or weight gain. These marks form when the skin’s middle layer, the dermis, is stretched to its limit. The connective fibers then break, leading to the disruption of collagen production and scarring.

Stretch marks normally show up as purplish or pinkish threads. Most of them appear on the belly, thighs, upper arms, and hips. The marks aren’t known to be a health hazard so far and are just seen as a cosmetic issue for most people. For that reason, many people are interested to know the most effective treatment to get stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Removal Procedure

Some people view stretch marks like scars and make them feel so uncomfortable. Fortunately, they can be removed using laser stretch mark removal. The procedure involves using a beam of light to get rid of thin layers of skin surrounding the stretch marks. The laser technology utilizes high energy ultraviolet light in disrupting the molecular bonds in the skin tissue and helping it to disintegrate. The scar tissues are now removed and the vacated area is then replaced with freshly formed skin cells and collagen.

As soon as the treatment is done, the affected area will appear red and tender, which happens because the layers of the scarred skin have been extracted to allow new skin to develop in its place. Nevertheless, most people heal from the redness in a few days.

Advantages of Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Laser stretch mark removal might sound scary to some people. However, the procedure is safe because it’s a non-invasive surgical procedure. Additionally, it’s convenient to be under treatment even for the busiest people because procedures can last anywhere from ten minutes to one hour and the patient can easily go back to their business after that.

The number of times one might require the treatment varies from one individual to the other. It also depends on the severity of the scarring. The most recently formed marks are the ones easiest to treat and have a higher success rate. The more mature stretch marks are normally white or silver and can be hard to remove. They may also take more treatments though surgery can still reduce their appearance. Moreover, the only pain you’ll feel as the light lasers work on you is a pinching sensation.

Side Effects

Side effects are rarely involved in laser stretch mark removal. The only risks that some patients are likely to encounter include scarring, bruising, swelling, or blistering of the treated area. These symptoms normally disappear within a few weeks or even days.

Sometimes, patients may realize changes in the color of the area, which also is only temporary and the skin is going to return to its normal color.


Laser stretch mark removal is an effective and almost risk-free treatment that you can go for if you wish to get rid of stretch marks. Remember, however, that these types of procedures can be dangerous and should be performed by licensed and experienced professionals only.

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