What to Do in Dental Emergency Situations?

What to Do in Dental Emergency Situations?

There are some dental issues that should be assessed and treated as soon as possible. Dental emergency issues should not be ignored. Otherwise, severe and complicated cases will emerge. However, unfortunately, most people think that going to an emergency dental clinic is not needed until feeling awful pain. The point is that most dental issues start with minor pain and progresses after a while. So, minor annoyance does not mean that there is no problem. An interesting point about emergency dental issues is that children care more about their oral hygiene than adults. According to the dentists from Luma Dental, just 12% of children visit an emergency dental clinic due to untreated dental issues. In comparison, this is 30% for adults.

Dental issues include emergency and non-emergency dental cases. When you visit the dentist, s/he will assess the situation and decides if it is emergency or non-emergency. Still, there are some helpful tips until reaching the emergency dental clinic.

Having Toothache

If you are suffering from a severe toothache that does not go away after a while, it indicates that there is a serious dental issue. Meanwhile, you can use warm water to alleviate your pain. Some natural remedies are also helpful. For instance, you can apply garlic or honey to the painful area. Besides, using a cold compress on the swollen area is so useful. Of course, you should apply this cold compress outside your mouth. If there is terrible pain, you can take some pills to alleviate the pain. But, if the pain does not go away and you need a stronger painkiller, you should visit your emergency dentist to decide what kind of painkiller is better. It is better not to wait so long and go to the emergency dental clinic pronto in difficult situations.

Facing a Knocked-Out Tooth

Your teeth can be broken or knocked out due to various reasons, such as accidents and injuries. When you face this emergency dental situation, at first, it is better to find the tooth. Wash your mouth gently and rinse your tooth root. Do not use any washing detergent or soap. Rinse it smoothly just with water, even if you can soak it in your mouth. But if you cannot, put it in a cup of milk. If you can put your tooth on the place, do it, but remember not to touch the root. Do not apply pressure. It should be noted that in this situation, time is of the essence, and if you do not rush to the emergency dental clinic, you will miss your tooth. And then, you should go for tooth replacement options such as dental implants.


Bleeding Gums

If you observe bleeding in your mouth or gum, it indicates an acute or severe dental emergency condition. If you notice blood in your mouth permanently, there is possibly severe gum disease. Sometimes, bleeding gums can be just due to the wrong way of brushing or flossing. But, when this case happens repeatedly, you should make an appointment with your emergency dentist as soon as you can.

Keep in mind that ignoring this dental issue will lead to a difficult case. When you visit the dentist, he will recognize if this is just a problem with your brushing or a severe dental issue.

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