Do Not Ignore Your Dental Issues

Do Not Ignore Your Dental Issues

Dental issues should be one of your most important concerns because if you leave them untreated, you would undoubtedly face more complicated problems later. There are various dental issues that need to be addressed. Tooth decay is one of them. Thanks to science, many people are aware that they should make an appointment with their emergency dentist once they notice any signs of decay. However, others do not care about this dental problem since they do not feel any trouble in the early stages. According to a dental specialist at Dentist New west, about a quarter of adults do not go to a dental emergency room on time for tooth decay. The point is: if you know enough about this emergency dental problem and its symptoms, your chances of getting treatment and saving your teeth in a timely manner will increase.

At first, you may observe only a White Spot. This is a sign indicating that there is a problem with your tooth enamel. In other words, the minerals in your enamel are disappearing.

The second level is when your white spots change to brown. What does it mean? The dental problem is getting worse, and your enamel is weakening. At this stage, the enamel is more likely to break. This is when, unfortunately, small holes are made in your teeth.

If you continue to ignore your dental problem, this small hole will progress, and the cavity will move towards your dentin, which is not as hard as your enamel and is also more vulnerable to be infected. If you feel pain when eating and drinking too cold or too hot, this is the time to go to the emergency dental clinic. In other words, this sensitivity warns that this dental problem is penetrating the root of your tooth.

In later stages, the pulp is damaged, infection occurs, and eventually, the result is a dental abscess. Therefore, the later you see a dental emergency specialist, the more complex dental treatment you will experience.


Can This Dental Problem Be Prevented?

The biggest enemy of teeth is sticky and fatty foods. Sugar is the fastest way to produce more acid and experience this dental problem. In other words, sugar is the main cause of weakness and damage to tooth enamel. So, in the first step, limit your sugar intake.

Do you care about your oral hygiene? Otherwise, you are more prone to this dental problem. Brushing is the simplest but most important step in protecting your teeth. You should also floss. When it comes to choosing the most suitable toothpaste, those that contain fluoride are better.

If you are used to eating a lot of snacks, STOP it. Otherwise, you are helping the bacteria in your mouth to grow. Instead, you can substitute healthy foods for your teeth, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Drink enough water. Do not allow your mouth to dry unless there won’t be enough saliva in your mouth to prevent the growth of bacteria.

And have regular dental visits with your emergency dentist. He or she will assess your dental status. And if there is a problem, it will be treated in the early stages.

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