Top Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Virginia

Top Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Virginia

Great Falls

Home to Great Falls National Park and very near to Washington, D.C., Great Falls, VA is a beautiful CDP in northeastern Virginia. Great Falls Park offers breathtaking waterfall views, camping, and hiking trails. You can also go kayaking and rafting on the river. CNNMoney ranked it as being one of the “top earning towns in 2011.” Many important men and women in politics and in American history have lived in Great Falls, due to its beautiful outdoor scenery and proximity to the United States Capitol. It contains primarily homes and other dwellings, as people choose to drive into the city for their shopping, dining, and nightlife needs.


Similarly to Great Falls, McLean is a vibrant CDP located just outside Washington, D.C. that houses a multitude of government officials, military members, and members of Congress. Employees who work at the White House and Pentagon also typically live in McLean, Virginia. It is actually the third wealthiest city in the United States, with two of the highest earning zip codes in the country. It features a plethora of luxury homes and shopping centers. The median household income is actually very close to $200,000. They have several interactive historical sites and beautiful natural parks within the district, as well.


Located roughly 15 miles from the United States capitol, Oakton makes this list for many of the same reasons that Great Falls and McLean do. It ranked number 36 on the “America’s Top 100 Best Small Towns” list, published recently by Money magazine, though it is technically a CDP, not a small town. It has extremely highly rated public schools, a high median income, and expensive, luxury houses. Its proximity to the capitol, along with these other factors, is likely what makes it so expensive to live here. If you don’t want to take the short drive to the capitol, you can enjoy some of the many horseback riding trails present within this community.


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Unlike Oakton, Warrenton, Virginia actually is a small town, housing less than 10,000 people as of the latest census and sitting on only 4 square miles of land. Its high home value is likely due to its sprawling surrounding land, most of which is wine country and horse farms. It’s also still within a 30-45 minute drive from Washington D.C., so residents are still not isolated from city life should they choose to make the trip. Residents describe it as having “unsurpassed beauty.”


Of course, you’ve likely heard of Arlington, Virginia at some point. Referred to as Arlington County or just Arlington, it’s the 6th largest county in Virginia. It features the well-known Arlington National Cemetery for veterans, as well as the Pentagon itself. Washington D.C. is only a short jaunt across the river, making for ease of access between both areas. It offers a variety of tourism opportunities and entertainment options, as well as beautiful suburban neighborhoods.

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