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Iv Hydration

IV Hydration may sound familiar with emerging services that are fast becoming commonplace in current times but as this garners more attention, a healthy amount of skepticism can arise from people curious of the new trendy treatment. At Reset IV, we’d like to clarify inquiries about our IV Hydration Therapy as well as what our service entails.

What is IV Hydration Therapy?

IV Hydration Therapy is a fast-acting method of rehydrating the body with the use of intravenous apparatus. Fluids consisting of saline, sugar and electrolytes are injected directly into the body to replenish the body at the source. This is a standard procedure for hospitals and healthcare facilities for dehydration cases and is now being adapted for commercial use as IV Hydration Therapy.

How Is It Done?

Iv Hydration

A small tube is inserted into a vein by a licensed medical professional and it’s attached to a small bag containing the prescribed medication. The medication will then be pushed into your bloodstream, assuring you benefit from the entirety of the medicine. This is the fastest way to deliver the IV solution to a body as practiced by hospitals the world over.

What are the uses for IV Hydration Therapy?

Reset IV offers IV solutions for a wide range of purposes. While rehydration is one of its key addressed issues, IV Hydration can also help in fatigue recovery and jet lag/migraine relief. Reset IV Flu Recovery is also a package that can be purchased and it’s used for rehydration of the body after a bout of flu or sickness. Vitamin Boosters are also handy add-ons that can be obtained from Reset IV’s solutions and can guarantee an instant “glow” for your skin and hair.

What services does Reset IV provide?

Iv Hydration

Reset IV is currently based in Las Vegas and provides services there and also in South Florida, with expansions to other cities in the works. Their services are open 24/7 and is a phone call away – a mobile is also being developed for IOS and Google Playstore.

Reset IV’s services include on-call inquiries and support and upon purchasing a service, a licensed medical professional will provide an assessment for your prescription. Once done, a registered nurse will go to right to your door – whether it be at home, office, hotel or yacht (!), Reset IV guarantees mobile and door-to-door services. As the IV solution is administered, you can just sit back and be on the fast track to recovery.

Reset IV provides a friendly and convenient method for IV Hydration – make it your partner on the road to hydrated wellness.

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