Easiest Ways To Test Your Urine Negative For Weed

Urine Negative

We can all agree that consuming cannabis can is not that problematic as it was before. Scientists and researchers have reached a consensus that cannabis can help handle various health issues as well as severe symptoms from chronic conditions.

Even though public opinion changed radically from the 20th century, still federal government considers it illegal, which allows that employers to efficiently conduct drug screenings to maintain drug-free working environment.

That is the main reason why people choose different cleansing methods that allow them to pass the tests on short notice.

We can differentiate numerous reasons on why should you remove traces of weed from your system, and the most common one is due to pre-employment drug screening. Typically, drug tests include urinalysis that will check your pee for THC metabolites that will linger inside.

Remember that metabolites are byproducts of active substances that you consumed beforehand, in this particular case, THC. It means that when you consume weed, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol levels in your blood will spike.

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Since the body will try to remove it from the blood, the metabolic agents will cut it into byproducts, in which the one that will appear on drug tests is THC-COOH.

You probably know that THC is responsible for psychoactive effects and the feeling of high we experience after consuming cannabis. Therefore, these compounds will remain in your body for a specific amount of time, depending on numerous factors.

The best way to determine how long you need to cleanse yourself is by understanding the following:

  • The levels of THC within your system
  • The drug testing type that you have to take
  • The testing levels as well as a threshold that will present the positive result

How Should You Determine The Levels Of Thc In Your Body?

We can differentiate numerous factors that will affect the levels of THC that you feature within your organism. Therefore, you have to consider every single one of them so that you can create an approximate window of cleansing.

1.   The Frequency Of Consumption

If you wish to determine the current levels of THC within your system, it is vital to take into account the frequency of consumption.

The results may vary based on the frequency, which means that you will need less time to detoxify if you are a moderate user, especially when compared with heavy smokers.

The logic states that the more you consume, the longer you will need to cleanse afterward. Since THC is fat-soluble, it will connect with your fatty cells, and remain inside for days after consumption.

So the more you consume, the more THC will linger inside, and the more time you will need to pass the test.

 Urine Negative

2.   Body Fat

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, THC tends to reach our fatty cells, and release from them in days ahead. Therefore, the more body fat you have, the longer you will have to wait to remove the traces of THC.

That is why you have to implement a combination of healthy diet and workout so that you can increase the muscle percentage, boost the metabolic rate and burn the fatty tissues that are responsible for long detox.

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3.   Metabolism

The healthier you are, the better it will be for your life, and that is something we all know. However, when it comes to THC metabolites, they will not enter the body fat if you have a low percentage of it.

Therefore, we can say that metabolic rate is the process that will determine the speed of the cleansing process, and since every single person comes with specific metabolic rate and set, it means that you will break down the THC faster than they will break down others.

The idea is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and conduct regular exercises. The main problem is that working out can push THC back into your blood, which means that you should avoid it a few days before the test.

That way, you will reduce the possibility of failing it even if you did everything per instructions.

4.   Potency Of Strain

It is also essential to check out the strain that you consumed because each type comes with specific percentage of THC that will affect the detoxification time.

It is vital always to be aware of potency, even though it is challenging when you are buying it off-street, but in areas where you can find it legally, each vendor has to provide you declaration with relevant information that will help you along the way.

How Much Time Should You Spare For Detox?

In general, you should remember that THC cannabinoids will stay in your system for a few days if you are using it infrequently, meaning only a few times ever. On the other hand, if you are regular user, you will have to wait much longer than that.

Since the half-life of THC is seven days, it means that every seven days, the amount will drop by 50%.

When you have this calculation in mind, it is fair to assume that you can cleanse yourself in a matter of four weeks after the last usage, but you have to consider other factors as well such as body weight, frequency, and potency of weed, metabolic rate, and body fat among other things.

The cannabis metabolites are fat-soluble, which means that they will become part of your lipid tissue. That is the main reason why fat cells will secrete the byproducts in your bloodstream continuously, which creates challenge when it comes to cleansing.

Tips For Passing The Urinalysis

  • Water – If you do not have enough time to cleanse your system naturally, you should dilute urine by consuming large amounts of water a few days before the test. That will dilute your urine, but have in mind that if you overdo it, you can get water intoxication that may be dangerous.
  • Vitamin B – After diluting the urine, its color will disappear, which will be suspicious of laboratories. To avoid suspicion, you should take vitamin B complex before the test to make your pee yellow.

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