An Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants (Implantes Dentales En Querétaro)

An Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants (Implantes Dentales En Querétaro)

In the last few years, the popularity of dental implants increased significantly. The main reason for that is because tooth loss is getting more common, and this is one of the most effective ways to replace a gap within your mouth.

Of course, people are becoming more conscient about dental health, but since they remain active in their senior years and live longer, they wish to achieve a smile with proper confidence.

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Apart from aesthetic reasons, you should know that having implants will help you chew and eat your favorite foods, which are essential considerations to remember.

Therefore, a demand for a long-term solution for tooth loss increased, which means that more than three million people in the US have undergone this procedure. According to numerous studies, this particular market will reach four billion in the EU and US.

Both public awareness and popularity are increasing, primarily due to high success rates, which are approximately ninety-five percent compared with other solutions.

Simultaneously, dental implant technology has advanced in the last few years, which means that nowadays, you can use materials and techniques that can reliably predict the overall treatment.

Since it uses 3D printing and CADCAM technology, the market will become more effective and productive in the next few years.

Guide to Dental Implants


You should know that implants come in a wide array of sizes and shapes, depending on your needs and preferences. Generally, the treatment is continually improving, while surgical techniques are becoming less invasive than before.

You can find a wide array of companies that will provide you with affordable components. You should know that patients are becoming more educated about the technology before they undergo a procedure.

Therefore, a demand for implants from a prominent manufacturer became a necessity among dental offices.

At the same time, each laboratory is familiar with large manufacturers, and their technicians must undergo specific training to learn how to use tools and other aspects. Besides, having prominent options is the best-selling point that will help you reach more patients.

As a result, you can expect the best course of action to provide you peace of mind. But it would be best if you created research before you make up your mind.

Different Implant Types

The next step you should consider is to choose an implant type that will meet your needs and requirements. If you wish to create better aesthetic results, you should choose a custom abutment, while everything depends on your case.

At the same time, most dentists prefer titanium implants. However, zirconia is becoming more popular as time goes by. The next step is to determine the different types of crowns you should place on the custom abutment.

Screw-Retained vs. Cementable Abutment Implants

If you wish to choose which option is best for you, it is vital to learn about different factors, including:

  • Retrievability – In some situations, you should temporarily remove a particular crown on the implant. Therefore, you can find specific cement that is perfected for implant restoration, which means you can retrieve a particular crown afterward. Some dentists can use temporary adhesive to place your crown for a specific position. It is an excellent solution if you wish to create a less retentive option. Compared with this option, you should choose a screw-retained crown, which features a more predictable option, especially if you wish to implement an abutment. If you add multi-unit restoration, it means that it will be challenging to remove everything.
  • Maintenance – If you have cemented a crown, the risks can happen that cement can affect a sulcus. Generally, if you have this problem, you can damage tissue unless you remove the overall adhesive. Simultaneously, if you have implemented subgingival cement, it can lead to peri-implantitis and mucositis.
  • Simple to Use – You should know that a screw-retained implant is a challenging procedure compared with cement-retained options. It is essential to understand this factor when it comes to restoration.


Most of them come from titanium, which a great material that features biocompatibility. Therefore, it can integrate with bone with ease. Since the bone will grow over the surface, it means that it is immovable afterward.

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According to studies, success rates are approximately ninety-five percent. They use pure titanium to create components that are too soft compared with others. That is the main reason why some companies created alloy that has both biocompatible features and sturdiness.

Even though some people can be allergic to this metal, you should know that a percentage of approximately five percent, which is something you should remember beforehand.


Since titanium alloy can be allergic to some people and cause sensitivities, some companies have created an utterly metal-free zirconium option.

Even though it comes from ceramic, it features yttrium, hafnium in small percentages to boost its characteristics.

Benefits of Titanium and Zirconium

You should know that titanium was a prominent option for decades. Even though it is more successful to use zirconia, we cannot predict long-term success than titanium.

Therefore, with titanium, you will get more versatile options because they will offer you additional flexibility when planning.

On the other hand, zirconium comes from a single piece you should cement into a particular place. Therefore, a professional will have to care properly while placing them based on bone volume because a small error can lead to devastating consequences.

Of course, we can state a few benefits of zirconia because it cannot rust and is thermally non-conductive. Besides, the ceramic color of the zirconium means that you won’t present a metal within your gum lines, which can happen with titanium.

As you can see from everything we have mentioned above, dental implants from titanium come with scientific background, development, and research. They are more flexible and will provide you with better results compared with other options.

However, if you do not wish to use metal implants, the best course of action is to choose zirconium as the alternative. However, this treatment comes with certain limitations.

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